Monday, February 20, 2012

Limited color self portrait & Lettering fun

Just thought I'd post what I have been up to.  Finishing up my live drawing class - homework was to do some drawing work with a limited color pallette.  This is my third attempt at a self portrait and definitely better than the other 2.  I have a long way to go in my drawing skills, but I do see a marked improvement.  My first attempt looked like the local newspaper that's put out here to show those who've been arrested during the past week.  I would say that this one does resemble me.  I have no desire to be a portrait painter - just want to know the right way to draw.  If I deviate from that - at least I will have some idea of what I am doing.  Highly recommend the book "The New Drawing From the Right Side of the Brain".  I've had it for a while - but needed a push to do some of the work.  Hopefully I'll continue from here.

I am also taking an online class with Joanne Sharpe called "Letter Love 101".  Have not been keeping up with the lessons because it's been a little nuts here - but I have been relaxing and drawing art letters - something I have always been a little intimidated by.  This is a combination of lettering and doodling of my grandson's name.  Got me using my Copic markers.  I have several but don't use them much.  I love them for this type of  artwork though.  They are so bright - I love all the color.  After this Tuesday - I will try to get back to that class.  If you haven't checked out Joanne's work - take a look at her blog at  She calls it Whimspirations and that perfectly describes her work.  Lot's of fun!  Thanks for stopping by and checking out my work.  Have a blessed day!

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