Thursday, December 15, 2011

Christmas frenzy continues?

I am home again - possibly have regained some sanity.  It's not that I go crazy decorating or baking.  I just have this strange desire to make things for all the people I know!  As I work on my gifts and cards I am constantly thinking of others who are on the "list". I am slowing down though.  Today I have a cold and and sewed small collage Christmas cards. Just white cardstock, some odds and ends (fabric, netting, buttons, etc,) and my sewing machine. I didn't overthink them (that's an understatement - I just picked up stuff and went with it).  Some I like more than others but they are all kind of sweet in a sort of funky way. And definitely originals - if your definition of original is no planning whatsoever. Along with that I cooked - lasagna for my grandson's international lunch at school tomorrow and spaghetti sauce for our dinner tonight.  All in all kind of a cozy day - not really frenzied at all when I think of it!

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