Thursday, April 24, 2014

Inspired by Van Gogh

Even with having my grandson home last week, I managed to do some painting. This was done in a Van Gogh mood (LOL - I have always loved Van Gogh).  I was really just playing around and when I was finished, voila, I liked it!  Sometimes when there is no pressure I do my best work.  Pressure tends to stifle my creativity.  This actually inspired me to paint a much bigger version of the same subject (this is 5x7) which I hope to put up in a day or so.  I had lots of fun with acrylic paint, including bronze metallic, and PanPastels in gold and silver.  I also swirled silver paint in the night sky.  I used Matisse background paint (China Red) for the boat.  These are marvelous paints - I love to use them under my paintings as well - I did that with the larger painting.  Have put this up for sale in my ETSY shop.

Thanks for visiting - I hope you enjoyed the holidays last week - Easter or Passover, whichever you celebrate.   Will be linking to Paint Party Friday on Friday.  It's hosted by the fabulous team of Kristin and Eva and it is just like bringing a big ol' art gallery into your home.  Go and browse or submit your own work - no experience required.  Have a blessed and art filled day.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Be Yourself

Many artists will pick a special word that inspires them - usually for a year, sometimes monthly.  I was having trouble feeling inspired this year - but I began to play with more color - different and out of the box colors for me.  This painting was inspired by a photo of a real elephant with superimposed butterfly ears on Pinterest.  When I finished him - I realized that my words for this time at least are "be yourself".  Now that implies that you know who "yourself" is - but that's part of the phrase - knowing and accepting.

I still worry at times about whether people will like me or appreciate my art, but I am working on accepting who I am.  If I can't do that - well no one else will do it for me. That includes accepting my art - the good, the bad and everything else.  So this unusual elephant helped me find my phrase - and all that it implies.  That doesn't mean that I have nothing to work on in my life - I am just trying to be as kind to myself as I try to be to others.

Thanks for visiting and have a blessed and art filled day.

Linking to Paint Party Friday - hosted by the wonderful Eva and Kristin.  Go and  view what other artists are doing - then post your own work.  There is a wonderful and supportive online community out there!

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Happy colors!

 These paintings are ATC size and done with the very fluid Golden fluid paints.  I have been using the dip pens I bought with India ink.  I never realized how much fun they are to sketch with.  I have read of other artists using them and one day in Dick Blick's I just decided to buy a small pack and some ink.

These guys were very fun to color and sketch and because I have had a lot going on this size is easier for me to complete.  I just put drops of paint on the wet cotton rag paper and a little extra spray of water for the background.  By the way - the magenta color is one of Golden's airbrush colors - the very fluid acrylics are based on those colors with some extra pigmentation (I believe).  The airbrush colors don't have the color variety of the other paints - but the magenta was much cheaper and seemed to work just as well.

I hope I can get more studio time in the coming weeks and create some more.  I hope your days are full of art. Thanks for stopping by.