Friday, December 12, 2014

It's been a long time....

another take on the seagull
This was a busy 3 months.  I realized I hadn't updated here at all.  First - worked on the art benefit for my grandson's school.  That took about 3 weeks of my life - lots of fun and lots of work.  Not only did I have fun - I sold 3 of my paintings - woo hoo!!!  Right after that my youngest brother came to visit for about 5 days.  We went to Charleston and Savannah and hung around Beaufort as well.  A week and a half later I went to Art of the Carolinas in Raleigh, NC and took a wonderful figure drawing class with Bob Burridge. All I can say about that is wow - changed my whole outlook. We were away for about 4 days - on the way back stopped in Charlotte at Ikea to get carts for my studio and dressers for my bedroom.

When I get a chance I have been mostly playing in my studio.  I am not looking to sell anything right now because that changes my whole attitude about creating.  This guy is painted on watercolor paper.  I made so many changes to the background that I feel like the paper is about 1/2" thick now with layers of paint.  I am far from really loose in my work - but I loosened up a bit with this guy.  He is acrylic paint, some collage and white charcoal (aka chalk).  I am going to mount him on a piece of wood and hang him up at home for now.  He only needs some type of finish.

No pictures right now - but I have played with some of the figure drawings and paintings I did in class.  I smiled all the way through Bob's class in Raleigh.  It was so much fun and I learned a lot about using color and contrast - not through any lecturing but through doing it with guidance.  I hope to take more classes next year - we will see what happens by then.

I am going to link to Paint Party Friday.  Go and visit to see all the wonderful art work displayed there - the site is faithfully maintained by the terrific team of Eva and Kristin.  Thanks for visiting - hope to spend more time sharing now.  Have a blessed and creative weekend.

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Impasto - not impastible

This is the story of 5 little impasto paintings and how they grew.   I had this impasto paste from Matisse that came with a set of acrylic paints.  I love texture and impasto looked like it would be so much fun!  Well - it was.  The paintings are on small pieces of birch (about 3.75x4.5")  I know that's an odd size - but I cut the wood myself - LOL

I'm still not as free in my painting as I would like to be - but it was a real experience using a pallet knife for all 5 paintings.  We have an art sale that benefits my grandson's school at the end of October and I wanted some seasonal (fall and winter) pieces.  I did all 5 over about 3 days.  They are meant to be displayed on a small stand.

So - what do you think?  Even if you are not into texture this is a great way to loosen up.  I will definitely make more of these. Thanks so much for visiting.  I am linking to Paint Party Friday.  Why don't you hop on over and take a look at some of the beautiful artwork.  Have a blessed and creative day!

Friday, September 26, 2014

Seagull is finished and has flown away

Never Alone
My finished collage / painting of the seagull is on the right. He has flown away to a new home.  I added a verse (part of a verse) from Joshua 1:9.  As you probably know - seagulls really are rarely along - this guy seems to be but you can bet there are plenty of other gulls around on the beach.  I used my new scrunchy wiry brush to get all that paint texture.  Best $2.99 purchase I have made in a while!  I have other works in the "works" - will hopefully get to post on those next week.

I am linking to Paint Party Friday hosted by Eva and Kristin (thanks to you both).  Go and take a peek at all the wonderful work posted there - they are an encouraging group, so enter your own work there - even if you are a brand new artist.  Thanks so much for stopping by - have a blessed and creative day.