Friday, May 1, 2015

A smorgasbord of art!

Treasure bottle
2 new gourd birds

It's been a busy time. My wonderful grandson is now 10 years old and we spent a long weekend in Florida celebrating.

Friends came and we spent a day in Legoland and some time just hanging out.

I got some work done this week - no painting, but some "stuff".

The treasure bottle was started on a day I was feeling cranky.  I had covered the bottle in vintage paper - but I don't do vintage well.  So - I started over with brighter paper.  And then decided to make it ugly to fit my mood.  However, I started having fun, gluing on all the crazy things I had saved over the years.  It's a work in progress - and it's just for me!  I got 2 more gourd birds done - a very small one and a much larger one.  I have sold 2 of the bunch I made before!

Below is a portrait I did - using Pam Carriker's Mixed Media Portraits.  I am using source portraits because I really want to see what I see when looking at a face.  The Pan Pastel coloring was a bit haphazard - but aside from that - I am pleased. I am linking to Paint Party Friday as usual - thanks to Eva and Kristen for their work in keeping the site going.  Thanks so much for visiting - have a blessed and art filled weekend.


source picture

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Spring break but still got a bit of studio time!

Finished product
 So - another bird - a bit obsessed aren't I?  So much fun to make - I have more in the works.  I also bought Pam Carriker's new book Mixed Media Portraits.  I haven't done much drawing in a while - and hardly any faces at all.  I love to do them - just wasn't feeling like I could get to it.  I actually had at least 5 preliminary sketches before the final one.  They were hard to photograph because some were so light.  I wasn't going for an exact copy - but to kind of capture that whimsical look on the girl's face.  I used Pam's face mapping (which really helps and is pretty easy).  I am pleased with this portrait - on to some others.

Thanks for visiting - I will be linking to Paint Party Friday tomorrow morning.  Go take a look around there - so much wonderful art!  Have a blessed and artistic weekend.

a couple of earlier attempts

Friday, April 10, 2015

3 Birds and an upcycled cabinet/coffee table

Something different this week.   I wanted a new coffee table and I love that industrial look - but they are expensive.  Well I happened to have this rustic old cabinet just lying around waiting to be used again.  Made my own chalk paint from sample paint I had lying around.  The only big expense was the oversized industrial wheels ($100 on ebay).  They are missing a little xtra decorative hardware but other than that they are done.  I used dark paste wax as a finish on the sides and on the red panels and natural paste was on the rest.  Love the pop of color it gives to my living room full of brown furniture.

The 3 birds are made from gourds I had dried a couple of years ago.  Used old hardware. grunge paper, swarovski crystals, driftwood and a lot of "stuff" to make the nests.  Not sure if I will sell them or  keep them but I will make more anyway.  So much fun to do!

Linking to Paint Party Friday.  Go and visit and be inspired by all the wonderful art.  And if you create things - painting, sculpture, sketches go and join in the fun!  Have a blessed and creative weekend.  Thanks so much for visiting.