Thursday, January 5, 2012

Loosen up and play!

Do you feel guilty when "nothing" is accomplished?  No "work" is done?  I do.  I have to fight that feeling all the time.  I don't make resolutions - but I already knew that I was going to read through the Bible (oops - now I'm accountable to all of you) this year.  I haven't done that in a long time.  That's not work exactly - but it is part of a promise to God and myself to spend more time with Him.  Then there is the issue of my art time.  Do I work - making things I will try to sell - or do I "play"?  Today I chose play.  I doodled for about an hour - at the end of that  tiime, I had this girl's face.  I added all kinds of color and then a paper/fabric flower for her hair.  I just let my pen walk across the paper - she's not beautiful or heaven forbid perfect and real looking.  But I like her - I made her and she is art! So I will try to continue spending time doodling and drawing.  And of course - coloring - mostly with paint but I have every other coloring tool known to mankind as well. I need to remember in 2012 (and always) that ART is FUN!

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