Thursday, February 23, 2012

Updated (vastly improved I hope) self-portrait

I still have to engage my right brain (creative side) more and let my left brain hang out while I'm drawing.  I still have a tendency to outline things that shouldn't be and struggle with light and dark values in my drawing.  I still have more work to do - I think I made myself too pretty.  I also don't like the shadowing under my face - I have a lot of trouble with that.  My eyes might still be a little too big.  All in all though - a much less childish self portrait.  And yes it does look like me - Pam Hagan the teacher of the drawing class started me on my "improvements".  I worked on it this morning and am much happier - I'll post updates as I continue to work.  A little too starey eyed - but  I was looking into a mirror as I drew!  Also - just found out that one of the ladies from the class lives literally around the corner from me.  Can't wait to get together.  Anyway - let me know what you think about the changes - I welcome comments and constructive criticism.  I still don't want to be a portrait artist - but I am astonished at the change from my first (not even posted scary) self-portrait to now.  Thanks for stopping by.

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