Friday, March 23, 2012

Ghostly art journal entry

I have had a hard time (for various life related reasons) finding time to work (play!!) in my studio.  At CheapJoes I purchased 2 9x12 Visual Art journal journals.  I like these -they hold up to wet media well and are not expensive.  So - time to start work/play!  This page (ghost horse) combines various things I don't normally take time to do.  First - created a mixed media layered background over a couple of days.  I am the queen of impatience and so it's hard for me to create this kind of layered background.  Then I looked to see what the layers contained - saw a horse but wanted to try drawing from memory.  Two skills - drawing and drawing from memory!  I added the ghost horse lettering and a fabric paper heart that's been lying on my work table for months.  I'm satisfied with what I've done - not because it's fabulous but because it's not and wasn't meant to be.  Maybe - if I live long enough - I will someday create fabulous work.  For now - I will just create.  Thanks for stopping by - let me know what you think!

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