Saturday, March 3, 2012

What I've Been Up To!

I just have a thing for flamingos!  Love the colors and crazy shape of this bird.  This is a work in progress - not finished quite yet.  Combination of collage, painting and stenciling - guess that qualifies for mixed media!  I painted a little over the collaged and cut out body of the bird - I wasn't sure I liked what I did (but you can always add more paint - not to worry) but I am starting to like it a bit more.  If I can finish before the 9th of this month - it will be one of my entries for the Beaufort Art Association spring show.  If not - I have a couple of other pieces which are finished.  This is not a juried show - but I am getting more courageous about my work.  Tell me what you think - like I said - not done yet.  Thanks for stopping by and looking in.

I am continuing to work on my drawing - especially faces.  This is not finished but I wanted to work on a 3/4 view.  Lots of work to do on it yet - took this one from my Drawing on The Right Side of The Brain - Woman in a Hat by Kimon Nicolaides.  Proportions are not quite right - also need to do more work on the eyes and shading - drawing faces is work but I do see improvement.  I enjoy it more now that I have some idea of what I'm doing.  Need to do more sketching and practicing.

One last thing - continuing to do some lettering on my own.  Got to get back to Joanne Sharpe's Letter Love course.  Somehow I've gotten involved in a lot - our new church building is complete and we will be meeting there for the first time this Sunday (goodby Coosa Elementary School and thank you!)  Spent some time there this past week helping to  put on final touches and clean up.  Also - a little stomach bug attacked our house (just myself and Isaiah) so didn't have many large blocks of time.  Hope you have a blessed and artful day -

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