Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Just Try It!

What can I say about watercolors?  I love the way they look and I am terrified of using them.  I took one live class and it turned out that the others had a lot of practice painting with them - teacher pretty much ignored me.  So that was it - I was done.  The great thing about 21 Secrets is the wide range of techniques in the classes - a real potpourri of materials!  I watched  Julie Fei-Fan Balzer's video - here I am 2 weeks later finally playing with some water coloring.  I often use water color pencils - but I have stayed away from the paints.  I even used my Moleskine water color notebook - I hadn't even opened it before this!  I stamped with stencils, painted through stencils, dripped paint and then doodled a bit and lettered (with pen as well as letter stencils).  Just try it is what I've done.  I still feel more comfortable with acrylic paint - but I will use these again.  I love the transparency of water colors - I will just try it again!!  Thanks for stopping by.