Friday, May 25, 2012

So glad to be back!

 The last 2 weeks were very busy and stress filled.  We traveled up to NY to see my mom in the nursing home.  It's a 13 or more hour trip and although we do it in 2 days, it is still exhausting.  However, the trips back and forth between Staten Island (where we were staying) and Corona in Queens can take as long as 2.5 hours with traffic.  We were only in NY for 4 days.  My brothers live there.  I love my mom and miss her - but it's hard to visit with this once vibrant woman and see what her world has become.  Anyway - we are back home now and I have done a little playing in the studio - just to get the creative flow going.  Top left are tags done with Dylusion sprays (love them!) and hand lettered.  Bottom left is something I actually did while I was away.  It's a sweet, funny picture of my grandson when he was about 4 months.  I didn't get the shape of the face right - but I wasn't displeased with it overall.  It's good to be home - will post again soon.  Thanks for stopping by to visit!

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