Wednesday, May 2, 2012

So - where was I???

 Not in a creative frame of mind - for a whole week!!  Worrying about a lot of small, silly stuff.  I knew I shouldn't go there - but I did anyway.  Worry and art don't mix - you probably know that yourself.  This morning I played.  That's the first step to getting back in my studio.Top left was total playtime.  I drew a grid of sorts with water soluble pencil onto previously gessoed water color paper.  Added map pieces from an old atlas, some other scraps of paper, stenciled a bit and added paint and a whitewash over it.  I think this is the beginning of my pirate map (see Mess, Muddle and Fun - previous post).  Top right is a fairly freeform doodle from Diana Trout's 21 Secrets class - used this as a base for Dina Wakely's intuitive layers technique.  We'll see where this goes.  Bottom left is a painting of flowers I did in bright colors with my fingers and then added lines with a Micron pen.  I messed up part of it so I  cut it into pieces and I think I see this as part of a birthday card for a friend.  I feel so much better - even though I do have laundry to put away (LOL).  This is it for today - glad to be back.

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