Thursday, August 2, 2012

Work in progress!

 I so want my own art to be the first art I hang in our new home.  I was able to frame my first piece - but the other 2 are just going to be out of reach for now.  So I began painting a new fish canvas that won't need to be framed.  Paint and stenciling - the fish are just painted from my head (you don't want to look in there - LOL).  This is relatively small compared to the framed canvas - so I need to make a couple more paintings for that wall over my couch.  I'll post the finished work.  Still working on my Etsy shop - will post when that is done.  I have learned a bit from my previous Etsy experience - had no idea what I was doing then.  We'll see how it goes.  Thanks for stopping by - leave a comment if you can.  I really love your feedback.


  1. Wonderful picture. Love the colours and the different patterns and textures, very cool! Valerie

  2. Thanks Valerie - just really wanting to hang up my art! Then I have a lot of other art to hang.

  3. Great piece! Gorgeous texture! :)