Monday, September 17, 2012

29 Faces - Days 11-13

I loved the ink blotter faces done by Michellem at this link  Pigment of My Imagination  -  Decided to try a few of my own!  I quickly found out that iridescent  inks don't work well at all.  So went to my Higgins inks and played.  I think I need to actually blot a bit more and I'm not sure I'm liking the multiple colors in one face - but it's so much fun to see the expression you can get and there is no pressure to be perfect.  The first one was inspired by my friend Ellin - I am missing her a lot!  We went from living 30 miles or so away to 800 miles!  Totally my fault Ellin!  I moved - you didn't!  Anyway these are my 3 entries in this September challenge (getting caught up a bit).  Check out the wonderful artwork at Ayala Art 29 Faces September  Thanks for visiting - have a blessed and artful day!


  1. Great idea, must give it a try! Well done on keeping up! Valerie

    1. It was much fun - have to do some more - Thanks Valerie!

  2. It really is a super fun technique - so glad you tried it!!