Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Bathroom humor!

Last night I was sitting on the bathroom floor while my grandson took a bubble bath.  He likes to have company.  Staring straight ahead was my little "water closet".  So - I thought I would sketch the bowl to pass the time.  It's a little wonky - also a little short - I ran out of page!  Before I went to sleep last night I was looking through Bert Dodson's "Keys to Drawing with Imagination" - a wonderful book with terrific illustrations.  He says that a drawing is often not an end in itself - but fodder for further work.  We have had several goldfish deaths in the past few weeks - the tank is now empty and going to stay that way I hope.  So - I thought to myself - what if a goldfish emerged from the bowl instead of being flushed down?

Hope this made you smile - it made my husband smile (I keep telling him I am very funny!)  Thanks for stopping by and leave a comment if you can - I love to read them!


  1. Great idea, but I hope no goldfish or other livestock will emerge from mine! Valerie

  2. I really don't want any creatures coming out of my bowl either - just thought it was a funny idea (my sense of humor isn't for everyone) Thanks as always for the comment!

  3. an imagination is always a good thing!