Wednesday, September 4, 2013

29 Days of Faces September 2013 - Day 3

I have been working on these little women for a while now and plan to sell them from a gallery in town as well as Etsy. I realize after posting that her eyes need a little work - they give her the look of a cross-eyed devil.  Aside from that minor flaw (LOL) she's done.  I've been getting inspiration from magazines and from people I know.  They all have hair collaged from vintage dictionary pages and a light coat of titanium white.  They also all have a jewel - those in profile get a swarovski earring and those in full face get a necklace. I will try to post later another sketch I made today - if not - then tomorrow am.  Thanks for stopping by.


  1. Not a crosseyed devil at all. In fact she is very nice

  2. I like your style to paint. Beautiful! Sorry my bad English, mine is Finnish :)