Saturday, August 9, 2014

Something different and a lovely mail surprise!

Still working on my jaguar at the scratching post - accidentally smeared dark paint on the poor kitty so had to repaint and make his spots all over again.  In the meantime - decided to go a bit looser and more abstract - and do something I've wanted to try for a while - a cityscape.  It's also a bit larger than I usually work -  I think about 18" x 24".  I need some more brightness but it is more bright than the photo. Now to finish it without overworking the poor thing. I have been very inspired by Nat Kalbach and her building paintings - I have a ways to go before I paint anything as colorful and wonderful as her buildings. You can see her work here.

On the right is a beautiful, hand painted card from Faye Holland - She was sweet enough to send it even though I didn't win her give away.  I will definitely find a small frame and a perfect spot for it.  I love to fill my home with art of all kinds!  Didn't make it to Paint Party Friday this week - but that doesn't mean I won't go and visit to see some gorgeous and inspiring art.  You can visit too-right here.  Thanks so much for stopping by - have a blessed and creative day!

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  1. Lovely painting, and a great card from Faye - how kind she is! Hugs, Valerie