Friday, May 1, 2015

A smorgasbord of art!

Treasure bottle
2 new gourd birds

It's been a busy time. My wonderful grandson is now 10 years old and we spent a long weekend in Florida celebrating.

Friends came and we spent a day in Legoland and some time just hanging out.

I got some work done this week - no painting, but some "stuff".

The treasure bottle was started on a day I was feeling cranky.  I had covered the bottle in vintage paper - but I don't do vintage well.  So - I started over with brighter paper.  And then decided to make it ugly to fit my mood.  However, I started having fun, gluing on all the crazy things I had saved over the years.  It's a work in progress - and it's just for me!  I got 2 more gourd birds done - a very small one and a much larger one.  I have sold 2 of the bunch I made before!

Below is a portrait I did - using Pam Carriker's Mixed Media Portraits.  I am using source portraits because I really want to see what I see when looking at a face.  The Pan Pastel coloring was a bit haphazard - but aside from that - I am pleased. I am linking to Paint Party Friday as usual - thanks to Eva and Kristen for their work in keeping the site going.  Thanks so much for visiting - have a blessed and art filled weekend.


source picture


  1. The treasure bottle is a true treasure-hunt piece! You gourd bird are very unique and fun:-) love your sketch too - the jacket especially is well done with all the different seams and the hoodie. I find clothes and folds to be tricky to my eyes and therefore my pencil.

  2. Beautiful work. Love the portrait, and your bottle and the fun birds. Valerie

  3. Beautiful, all of it! That treasure bottle is just precious, and it's great that it brought you out of a cranky mood :-) And I absolutely adore your gourd birds! Doesn't surprise me that you sold some!

  4. your birds are really cute, especially luv the long-neck
    oh and i like how you captured the expression in the portrait; have a nice weekend

    much love...

  5. Your treasure is outstanding. All those bits and pieces that will take you to memory land. Your gourds are darling. Very very nice.

  6. Gina I am so impressed with how you have come into yourself with such amazing style. Love all of these and that portrait is gorgeous!! Oh and those chairs are the same colour as my family room!!

    Hugs Giggles

  7. Drawing faces from life or from source is the only way to really see how faces are. You are so right and you have done a great job. You are so clever with transforming those gourds into fantastical creatures!!!

  8. very nice work! Happy birthday to your grandson!

  9. I love your gourd birds, so I'm not surprised you've sold 2 of them thus far. The portrait is very life like, which is not easy to do. Blessings!

  10. What interesting work and a lovely portrait.