Monday, December 26, 2011

Our growing family!

So - yesterday was Christmas with church family - and a new family member - Sweetie Pie.  Her owner passed away and she was rescued by someone who already has too many pets - so prompted by the Holy Spirit I negotiated with my husband and we brought her home.  She doesn't hear too well - but otherwise is a spry little Boston Terrier.  She's a little confused right now (especially since our cat keeps yelling at her) but she will settle down.  Her name is perfect - I call everyone sweetie pie already! My husband is happy too - our friends just delivered a full grown palmetto tree (which he wanted) and will come back with more guys and equipment to plant it!  That's the only gift he wanted.  (that was part of my negotiations for the dog!)  So - off to PetSmart to get some doggie supplies.

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