Thursday, January 19, 2012

More from the "Inner Child"

This is another canvas I painted (and drew on with pen) as part of last week's creative exercise in the Divine Romance class.  The hardest part of this was not trying to make it "perfect".  I used pictures as models but didn't  try to make it "real".  I added paint and tissue/mulberry paper as texture.  I added some shells and a pearl treasure to the canvas.  Do I like it?  Hard to say - it's not really pretty - but it's interesting.  What's important to me about my art?  That's really the question here.  Again - I come back to having a desire to create and the desire to have fun while doing so.  So - I guess this mixed media piece (while I call - appropriately enough - Under The Sea) is indeed a success since it fulfilled both those desires.  This artful journey seems to be less about "talent" and more about traveling the path itself.  My techniques are messy - I use my hands more often than not as brushes.  Putting my work out here is to deny my fears and 'fess up to all of you out there that I am indeed an artist. Thanks for stopping by to take a look.  I love comments - so please leave one if you can.

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