Saturday, January 14, 2012

Not finished organizing - but

I am not finished cleaning and organizing my studio (among other things) but was itching to play yesterday and today.  So - I did.  Our creative exercise for the Divine Romance class was to get back in touch with our child self.  This wasn't what Paulette had in mind but I have made some small drawings of fanciful animals before and created small canvases to hold them.  I made this one even more playful I think.  Couldn't get the colors as vibrant as IRL - but I do love the way Miss Blue Eye turned out. She is about to gobble a pearly peanut as well.  Plan to eventually revamp my Etsy shop and start over with some small and larger canvases of animals and ocean creatures.  I'll post as I create.  I really want to create at least one of these each day.  We'll see how it goes.  Have a blessed day!  

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