Thursday, February 9, 2012

Inspiration on a neighbor's porch

I have to admit I love flamingos.  They are such improbable birds - their necks look like they could flop over at a moment's notice - their legs seem much too delicate for their bodies.  However, they are amazing creatures.  First of all, they are pink!  How many pink animals are there anyway?  They have  very unusually shaped beaks.  Yet - they are elegant and beautiful in their own way.

I was walking the pup past a neighbor's house and saw a flamingo (maybe plastic) on the porch and just knew I had to go home and make my own.  I have all these beautiful washi papers - so I sketched, tore and glued.  The bottom picture is much closer to the actual colors of this mixed media work.  Not sure if I'm finished yet - I'll have to put it away for a couple of days and check and see.

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