Thursday, February 2, 2012

Mama and her baby!

My daughter saw the (tiny) elephants I did and said "I want a really big elephant!".  Sometimes our relationship is a bit of a struggle - so I thought it was really neat that she asked me.  After I got the background painted and big elephant created - she asked for a baby elephant too.  Might lose a little bit of the baby in the frame - but I never make things perfectly even.  It's almost done - a couple more coats of matte medium.  This is a really large sheet of bristol vellum so I have to find a large frame.  Will probably lose a little of the background but that's ok.  She also asked for some bling - so gold leaf and mica flakes on the ears and tail.  A little hard to see the "gleam" in the photo.  I did my outlining initially in pen - but went over it after the painting with charcoal pencil.  The heart is a piece of mulberry paper I cut out and died with ink a while back.  I guess this piece just speaks to me of "Mother Love".  I'll post a picture after I figure the framing out.  Thanks for stopping by.

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