Friday, March 9, 2012

Back to Letter Love videos

I am so glad that Joanne Sharpe is leaving her class open.  Totally didn't get to do much of it in February.  So now - I'm back to lettering.  This is wonderful fun.  It helps me to loosen up and also gives me lots of practice in lettering.  Once upon a time - I wanted to learn calligraphy. I'm not sure I want to learn "real" calligraphy anymore - kind of like portrait painting.  It's very exact.  This art lettering is great - it incorporates elements of calligraphy but is much freer.  I am feeling so much more comfortable making letters.  I'm bringing Pretty in Pink and my Faithful elephant piece to the Beaufort Art Association spring show tomorrow.  Got to bet back to drawing and doing more lettering for the next couple of weeks.  Thanks so much for taking a look.


  1. lettering is fun ... it's one of those elementary things I always go back to ... great job - I love the "wonderfully made" one

  2. Thanks - I am enjoying it. I always appreciate comments on my work.