Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Pretty in Pink

There comes that time when you feel satisfied - that time has come.  I knew I wanted the background to be richer - added a wash of Golden fluid Turquoise (phthalo).  Added more mulberry paper feathers to the body and Pretty in Pink is complete.  The texture is something it's hard to see in a photo - though you can see some of it.  I try not to be super critical of my work  although that's not easy.  The feeling I get when I know I am finished  is similar to how I feel when I take a bunch of ingredients I like and create a meal.  It may not be the best dish ever created - but it sure does taste good!  This makes me think of the verse in Psalm 34 "O, taste and see that the Lord is good!".  I love that we can use all our senses to admire the Creator and his creation.  I'm grateful that we are made in his image - and were given the ability to create also.   Thanks for stopping by.  I'd love feedback - leave a comment if you can.

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