Tuesday, April 3, 2012

21 Secrets

I will share 21 Secrets with you - no not 21 pieces of personal info - just a wonderful online creative experience I am taking right now.  21  artists are teaching classes by video and we have 9 months to take any and/or all the classes.  The first piece is from Dina Wakley's Intuitive Painted Layers class. The first layer (on top of white gesso)consists of pencil marks made with a water soluble pencil.  I used my Inktense black.  Paint the shapes and backgrounds using around 6 colors - dark and light of the same color. Then try to find a picture in what you have. A lot of the background is then painted over.  This was a lot of fun and very stress free.  I really love the texture in the background.  The second piece is from Jane Davenport's (http://www.janedavenport.com/) drawing class Frolicaholic.  Check out the website if you are interested (http://21secrets2012.ning.com/main).  I definitely need some structure to get me going.  Live classes are wonderful but usually expensive and time consuming.  I definitely appreciate online classes that you can do in your pjs whenever you have time.  Thanks so much for stopping by - and check out the 21 Secrets website!

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