Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Finished product

 It's not often I get this excited by a piece I create.  This is my follow up from yesterday's 21 Secrets post.  I was thinking I needed more texture and sure enough that's what Dina had us do in the 2nd video.  So I added what Dina called "reverse stenciling" - rubbing away some paint through a stencil and then stenciled back in with some deep phthalo blue acrylic paint.  Added some words to the flowers and leaves (I'm usually reluctant to do this but I love how it turned out).  Added some old book text - slapped and pounced white gesso and color - Golden fluid burnt orange, crimson, and some others.  It was a coloring frenzy!  My husband wants me to frame and hang this.  The colors look great in our living room.  The texture (which is very hard to photograph) is really amazing.  I would love to hear from all you artists out there!  Leave a comment if you can.  Have a blessed and creative day!

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