Monday, April 16, 2012

Colored doodles

 These are 2 of the doodles I made after watching Diana Trout's video on 21 Secrets.  She is a lot of fun - and these are meant to be relaxing and put the kabash (word?) on the "inner critic" we all struggle with.  This is possibly the most relaxing exercise I've ever done.  Opened my "art" eyes to see pics in so many of the shapes and who doesn't love coloring?? Great warm-up for any type of drawing or sketching and therapeutic as well.  Thanks for taking a look - leave a comment if you have time!


  1. Love your doodles, such great colour combinations. Thanks for dropping by my blog too.

    1. Thanks - they were such fun to do. I love "dropping by" the blogs of all the talented people out there!

  2. sooooo clever... and vibrant, and vivid...