Friday, April 13, 2012

Inspired by 21 Secrets again

This is a combo of Dina Wakley's intuitive painted layers and brings in the use of light modeling paste used in Christy Tomlinson's videos.  Again - scribbled with a water soluble black pencil -  painted the shapes and background and then looked for something to paint.  I immediately saw these 3 fish after I looked for a while.  I painted, stenciled with paint and modeling paste, wrote on the fish, added glass bead gel, and some old dictionary text.  This is really a kitchen sink painting!  The colors are vibrant and I love the layers.  It's kind of like there are secrets all through the painting.
 Below is one of the crazy doodle pages I did after watching Diana Trout's video.  I have doodled before - but I was more focused on a Zentangle kind of doodle where the pattern is so important.  Here I just covered the entire page with a continuous line - I curved and zigged and zagged - but never crossed over any line.  I kind of did my own take on it next - just filling in some pattern and looking for recognizable shapes.  I love this exercise because it is a great, completely stress free pre-drawing exercise and also because it is so relaxing!  What fun!!!


  1. Lots of interesting detail on your fish artwork. Reminds me to use my modeling paste cause I like what you've made of this! Patsy from

  2. I finally found a way to comment lol this new format got me lost for a while.... Anyway, I love the fishies!!!! Great colors, and looks loaded with texture. Wonderful work. Happy PPF

  3. Oh yeah, great texture on the fish, and love the bright colors against the blue background.

    1. now I remember where to reply - thanks again for the comments