Thursday, June 7, 2012

Maybe I should have cleaned today???

So - I've had these wooden unfinished picture frames for a very long time  The day before I left for NY I decided to make something to bring my mom for her room in the nursing home.  No pressure!!!  I used molding paste and a stone stencil and when it dried I painted the whole thing purple - Yuch!!  Really hideous.  When I got back home - I gessoed over the purple and then used my Dylusion sprays.  Toned it down with a little more gesso and then started going through all my stuff.  You know how that is.  Well - this is what I ended up with and don't know if it's funky or junky.  Could be a mirror - but would anyone want it to be?  I do like the colors - but DH said it looked like something his mother would have made.  She was artistic - probably mixed media ahead of her time. It's just that we used to laugh at some of her efforts (never to her face - that probably makes it worse).  Anyway - when you stop laughing - let me know what you think - or be kind and say nothing!!  Have a wonderful day - thanks for stopping by.


  1. Gina ~ Love the colors you used and seashells are a perfect compliment as well. I had to smile when I read your subject line ... cleaning can wait ... we must create :)

    I also like that it can be either a frame or a mirror...very versatile and a lovely gift too.

    1. Thanks Patty - I don't know what possessed me (and I think possessed is the right word). I think I will bring it to my mom when I go to see her next - maybe with a picture in it. It helps to brighten up her room!