Tuesday, August 7, 2012

The Texture Crimes

 Is too much texture a crime?  I guess that depends on the finished product.  Again letting my right brain loose - I took a poor innocent piece of watercolor paper with a few paint splats on it and attacked it.  I used almost every product I own - paint, stencils, dylusion sprays, die cut flowers (from a cleaned juice carton), muslin circles, old book pages,  old atlas pages, tissue paper, gel medium, pearlex, Inka Gold, and of course, gesso.  And where am I going with this - besides texture prison? Not sure yet - I keep thinking "crazy quilt" - when it all dries - maybe cutting the paper into squares - adding stitching, beads, crystals - whatever.  Perhaps this is all my parent's fault - that's been used as a defense before, hasn't it?  I was too involved to take pics of the process (maybe too insane - another defense) - maybe you can picture it from my hand below.  Left my fingerprints everywhere - can't pin this on anyone else.  Stay tuned - perhaps this will have a happy ending????  Thanks for stopping by.