Tuesday, September 4, 2012

29 Faces - Day 4

I hope you guessed it!!! LOL  Mr. EA Poe.  Used Liquid pencil for much of the "painting" - it can be messy stuff if you don't watch where you put your hands.  I like the way it "paints" though - it's very smooth and with more practice I hope to get more control.  I am somewhat satisfied - but see many areas for improvement.  I thought Edgar A. would be easier to do because of his very distinctive features.  For better or worse - he is the Face of the day.  Thanks for stopping by.  Go to 29 Faces In September and check out all the wonderful artists participating.

Ink;pen; marker
I have had an obsessed day with Mr. Poe.  Sketched him in charcoal, pen, pencil - just not happy with any of them.  This one is larger than the tag --done in pencil, ink, marker and charcoal for shading.  He is the only one who makes me remotely happy (with the outcome that is - I can't imagine a less happy looking face - LOL)  Anyway - just thought I would update.  My Poe related OCD is over now!!!


  1. Absolutely recognisable, well done!! Valerie

    1. a little scary - guess he was though - thanks!