Saturday, September 22, 2012

Artist's Play Room - WIP

So here's the funny story.  I live in Beaufort, SC and this week in a backyard downtown (about 10 minutes away) a man looked down and saw a fairly large sized lizard next to him.  We have plenty of lizards here, but they tend to be on the small side.  Recognizing that this was a "foreigner" he and a couple of other folks chased and finally "gently" captured the lizard.  That inspired this painting - which is far from complete.  Thought I might finish yesterday but didn't happen.  Apparently this lizard story is on the Internet if you want to check it out.  By the way - it's a monitor (or savannah - as in Africa) lizard.  Thanks for visiting.  Check this link Artist's Play Room for more "backyard" art!


  1. He looks like a hippie-lizard, great idea with the flowers! Valerie

    1. I do like to paint "funky" animals - still not sure where I am going with the rest of his body and didn't want to pressure myself to finish. He (or she?) may look a bit different when done - but I think the flowers will stay. Thanks Valerie for stopping by!

  2. I agree! LOVE the flowers - and metallic paint! Really great, looking forward to seeing her done ;) xo

  3. He has such personality! I can't wait to see him finished.

  4. If only the bloody big lizards that live at our place had flowers tatooed on them then maybe i would like them a bit more... we have this blue skink that harasses me while I am hanging out the washing... xx

  5. We have a big blue tongue lizard that lives with us, but unlike Trace, I love him to pieces. I feed him quite often but my parrot screams his head off when it is around.
    Yours is so cute with his flowers.

  6. a beautiful start! he looks done to me, though :)