Friday, September 21, 2012

Paint Party Friday

 Still working on my giraffe family. Some more details added - having some difficulty getting the heads just right.  Those ears and horns (if that's what they are called on giraffes - horns I mean - I know what the ears are called LOL)  The 2nd painting is of a Savannah (not Georgia) or monitor lizard.  If I can finish it I will link it to Jenn's APR theme for this week (in my backyard).  No - I don't live in the savannah-although I am only an hour from Savannah, GA.  But this week - someone nearby found one of these in the backyard.  Obviously - a pet either abandoned or escaped.  There was a wild chase and he was gently captured and will be sent to a foster home.  That inspired me to paint a monitor lizard (there were some great pics in the local newspaper).  Check Paint Party Friday to see all the wonderful art work from this week!  Thanks for visiting!  


  1. Love your animal portraits. How exciting to find one of those lizards in the back yard - how big are they? Valerie

    1. The one that was found in the backyard looks to be maybe 18 inches or so long. I've seen pictures of some that were at least 4 feet long. They do seem to come in different varieties - I'm working on the pic in the newspaper that shows him captured. It's a funny picture - looks like he (or she) is screaming "help!"

  2. Yes, wonderful animals! I am a big fan of the giraffes.

  3. Lovely giraffe family painting and work-in-progress!

    Happy PPF!!
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  4. I do love how the giraffe family is coming along... simply superb... xx

  5. Loving your very tender painting of the giraffes, beautiful work. Happy PPF, Annette x