Saturday, April 5, 2014

Happy colors!

 These paintings are ATC size and done with the very fluid Golden fluid paints.  I have been using the dip pens I bought with India ink.  I never realized how much fun they are to sketch with.  I have read of other artists using them and one day in Dick Blick's I just decided to buy a small pack and some ink.

These guys were very fun to color and sketch and because I have had a lot going on this size is easier for me to complete.  I just put drops of paint on the wet cotton rag paper and a little extra spray of water for the background.  By the way - the magenta color is one of Golden's airbrush colors - the very fluid acrylics are based on those colors with some extra pigmentation (I believe).  The airbrush colors don't have the color variety of the other paints - but the magenta was much cheaper and seemed to work just as well.

I hope I can get more studio time in the coming weeks and create some more.  I hope your days are full of art. Thanks for stopping by.

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  1. Very colorful and pretty! I really love the frog especially with his rainbow colors :)