Tuesday, July 8, 2014

New WIP and it's my birthday!

I guess we need to celebrate all the birthdays - even the "scary" ones.  According to the US government I am officially elderly. Yes - I am "carded" but not in a good way - LOL  One thing I know for sure - God danced the day I was born and that's the reason to celebrate - because He does.

My friend Valerie takes wonderful photos that she posts on her blog and this horse was inspired by one of them.  She generously gave me permission to use it as my inspiration - you can see it here.  He needs a bit more work - a mane and some touch ups.  I painted the whole board with colors of spring - turquoise, pink and Naples yellow (my favorite yellow).  I sketched the horse lightly and then painted the negative space white.  Your can see that in the first photo.  This was an enlightening experience - I saw the shapes differently and was able to be looser in my painting.  He's been given a brown glaze and some features.  I just love the look on his face - like he just heard a good joke!  Hope to finish him this week.

Thanks for stopping by and have a blessed and creative day!


  1. Have a happy birthday and welcome to the old-timer club! Glad you could use the photo, your painting is coming along really well! Birthday hugs, Valerie

  2. oh! your painting is fantastic so far...and happy birthday!!!
    what is the scary birthday number? i am 50.
    hard to believe
    but happier than ever,

  3. Hi Gina! Happy late Birthday:) Love your horse and the contributions you have been painting for SOC and I do mean love them all.:)