Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Out of Chaos!

The chaos was my kitchen!  I have a lot of counter space -but couldn't see it under the mess! So - cleaning done. I knew it would be difficult to keep up with everything being "public" with my art entails - It's not so much the writing as the picture taking, editing and uploading! This is a piece that I created in the spring - again using fabric paper (a la Beryl Taylor).  There is stitching - I also stitched the letters of the word create on pieces of the "quilt".  The background paper is a wonderful Asian style paper I got at Pearl Paints in NJ a while back.  I love things that look like quilts - but are made of other materials.  I call this piece " God's Cover Story".  There are also buttons and a hand drawn fish and bird (with funky metal legs).  I am starting an e-course and hope to have some creations from that to add soon to this space.  I  think the neat counters helped me to focus on updating my blog.  Maybe even get some "creating" done now - before it's time to pick up my darling grandson from school! Love him to pieces - but don't get much done once he's home. 

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