Wednesday, May 30, 2012

My newest painting

I have some advice for you - don't believe that flat paint is washable!!!!  When our house was being built we had the option to have satin finish paint but it was more money.  So we went with the washable flat paint.  A year later I can testify that you can't wash anything off the walls.  So the bathrooms and our one bedroom wall needed painting.  So - I decided to do an "accent" wall.  The other walls are a soft green (I know it looks almost white in the photo).  So - boldly I chose a green 2 shades darker called artichoke.  Love the color - hate painting walls.  But this was done in  a day and a half, including taping and cleanup.  We don't have a headboard on this bed so we needed a wall that could be cleaned behind the bed.  So that's one of the chores I thought I wouldn't get done yesterday - got one coat on and finished today - ta da!  Next to clean my studio and put up some stainless steel shelves I took from my old house in NY.  I'll start that tomorrow.  Have a productive (and hopefully fun) day - my fun is later.  DH will pay me for my painting with dinner out tonight!

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